I’m really excited and proud to announce the launch of My Baba’s first product which is a multivitamin and multibiotic powder. Fertility guru and expert Zita West and I have been working on this for quite some time and I can hardly believe that it’s finally here and ready to buy in our shop, or by calling 01280 707 401.

When I had my son, the doctor put him on a course of antibiotics when he was just a month old, and I immediately started researching supplements that would be suitable for him to take to build up the immune system after taking such strong medication. In the end, I didn’t give him any, because I was worried about which ones to choose.

Just over a year later, I launched My Baba and noticed the same questions flooding in: “Should my child take supplements and if so, which ones are best?” I went to Zita who I trust, and whose vitamins I had taken throughout both of my pregnancies, and she taught me about gut health and essential vitamins.

Having tested almost every vitamin on the market from the delicious sugary ones to the not-so-nice tasting chalky ones, we decided to set out and launch our own. We wanted a product made in England using the best ingredients, and that’s why I’m so proud of this product, and one I hope will give children a healthy and start. My dear friend Jack created a family of magical characters that feature on the product and in a sweet little story book that comes free with the bottle, to help children relate to the product.

For the past couple of months, my whole family have been testing this magical powder, and what I’ve found interesting is how many ways it can be taken. My son loves it on his own like old fashioned sherbet, my daughter likes to sprinkle it on her cereal, and my husband and I have been enjoying it blended into a smoothie to start the day off right. I really hope this will be the first of many products that we do with Zita, and that it’s one your children enjoy as much as mine.

To buy our multivitamin and multibiotic powder, head over to our shop here