I’ve always been interested in food delivery companies ever since living in the States. London just doesn’t get it. Over the past few years many companies have started to crop up, especially in the “diet and healthfood” sector. I came across My Food Baby Body a few weeks ago and enjoyed testing a few of their sample meals.

For pregnant mothers, nursing mothers, tired mothers, working mothers who don’t have time to cook, this is a great idea. Super healthy, diet conscious food arrives in easy-to-understand pacakages from a banana protein smoothie for breakfast to coronation chicken with wild rice for lunch and beef bologanse with spelt spaghetti, these guys know their stuff.

Snacks are a myriad of devilled eggs, cherry and poppy seed slices and delicious coconut and hemp balls. I would always suggest a consultation so that they know your likes and dislikes. I had quite a bit of spice in my package, which is something I steered clear of when I was breastfeeding, but on normal occasions love.

If a juice detox is a step too far and you want to be healthy but don’t have the time, give My Food a try.

My Food are offering our readers a saving of £25 on eery order valid against any full 28 day Diet Plan. Use unique code BAB25.