I won’t lie, the V&A Museum has never been a favourite of mine and one I hardly ever take children too. In fact the last time I went there with was in 2008! I put it down to a rather dull experience when I went there as a 7 year old. However for my Tuesday morning adventure with my charge it was suggested that maybe I should give it another go, and I am so glad I did.

The museum offers children of various ages different back packs and trails for them to follow. The gentleman at the Sackler Centre was very informative and told me the best backpack for a 2-year-old would be the Agent Animal. Once geared with our bag containing a box of animal noises and 4 sensor cubes to make into a jigsaw we were off on our secret mission.

Hidden in 3 galleries are 6 different animals for you to find, once you have found each animal there is a noise box that plays its call and a jigsaw to complete (using those sensory cubes). My charge and I had a blast looking for those animals, who at times were rather allusive, just so you know her favourite animal was the Ox as it had “a funny man sitting on it”.

Boy, was I wrong about this museum, I will certainly be back with my charges to try another trail; maybe next time will don our pith helmets and explore the Glorious Gardens Trail.