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Nanny Anita’s ABC Flashcards

Practicing the ABC’s with little ones can be difficult to fit into a busy daily routine and I constantly find that the 15 minutes I try to set aside each day to do it gets forgotten amid playdates and activities.  So, I decided to make a set of flashcards that could be popped into my bag and taken out and looked at while we are waiting for a class, or travelling on the bus. Yes, you can easily buy these from any children’s shop, but making them yourself makes them feel more personal.

You will need:

  • A pack of plain flashcards (Rymans sell a large variety)
  • Ruler
  • Drawing material

On the front of each card write a capital and little letter, I drew the lines in because it helps children see how big each letter should be and will hopefully help with handwriting when they start to write.

On the back I drew up to 5 different things beginning with that letter.  If you feel you do not have the drawing skills to do it then why not print of some pictures or cut some out from magazines.  If you are going to cut and stick why not make it into an activity, getting your child to identify the picture, work out what sound it begins with and which letter it goes with.

This activity will help with: phonics and letter identification

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