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When your young ones have finally come out of the sea, the sand castles have been built and everyone has been turned into sand mermaids what do you do? Why, play a game of Beach Shark Toss of course.

You will need:

  • sand
  • shells or pebbles

Draw a shark with its mouth open in the sand.

Collect some shells and pebbles to use to throw.

Get everyone to stand a certain distance away from the shark and then try to score points by getting the shells/pebbles into the shark’s mouth.

At the end of the round, count up who has the most points. They person with the most wins the round and has to take a few steps backwards.

YC and I were having a nice game of this to finish up our afternoon on the beach, that was until EC accidentally walked over and destroyed our shark.

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Beach Shark Toss: A fun game for the whole family on the beach.