Nanny Anita created this wonderful trail, brilliant for the holidays. The trail comes with a great free printable and is loaded with fun and interesting information for children of all ages.  It also comes with an eye spy for two age groups.

St. James’s Park is a wonderful place to just run around in, feed the ducks, or enjoy the beautiful spring flowers and it’s the perfect location for a family picnic. There is also so much to do that you may not have even thought about.

Take the kids on a trip to visit the Royal Horses at the Mews, see the Cavalry at the Household Cavalry Museum or take in some art at the galleries. Did you also know there is a hidden nose somewhere within the park? And that the park was once a giant burial site for those that died of the plague?

Come and find these and more with Nanny Anita’s Cookie Adventure Trail ‘In and Around Buckingham Palace’.

Click Here to download.

A Buckingham Palace Adventure This Easter Holiday
Nanny Anita says ‘I hope these little trails will be mini adventures that will open eyes to the often overlooked areas of London. Go forth intrepid explorers, your cookie adventures await!'
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