You will need:

  • black paper
  • white paper
  • orange paper
  • googly eyes
  • glue


1. Pre-cut the black and white paper into shapes. The white shapes need to be slightly smaller than the black ones. For young children you could make the basic shapes – circles, squares, ovals, rectangles, and triangles. For older children you can start to add in more complicated shapes like diamonds, hexagons, pentagons etc.


2. Pre-cut beaks and feet for each penguin.


When we started the activity I laid out the black shapes and went through and named them all with Scarlet. Then I gave her the white ones and got her to pair up the shapes, while calling out each shape as we went along. 

4. Cover the back of the white shape with glue, and stick it onto the black corresponding shape.


5. Then glue on the feet, beak and eyes for each penguin.