?You will need:

  • Ice cream cones
  • Round shortbread biscuits
  • Thick shoe lace sweets
  • Peach round sweets (they are circular with a hole in the middle, normally they are 2 colours. I found them at an old fashioned sweet shop just by Covent Garden)
  • Piped decorative icing (Dr Oetker)
  • Mixed sweets

1. Using a sharp knife cut off the top of the ice cream cones.

2. Then on the part you have just cut, pipe icing around the edge and quickly, before it dries, stick the shoe lace round the edge.

3. Get your ?shortbread biscuit ready and decide which way up you would like it. I tried both ways but found if I had the base up, the icing stuck better. On the shoe lace you have just stuck on, pipe some more icing around it and then stick the shortbread to it. Leave it to set for a few minutes.

4. If you managed to find the peach sweets, cut them in half (it will be used to form the handle), if you didn’t manage to find them just cut some of the shoe lace to use. Using the icing, stick it to the ice cream cone.

5. Finally, fill your tea cups up with a mix of different sweets.