These little painted ladybirds are a great way to help young children with their maths’ skills.

To make the ladybirds and leaves you will need:

  • 10 flattish stones
  • 10 flash card sized pieces of paper
  • Paint
  • Water and glue mix


1. Before painting I gave the rocks a wash down to get rid of any dirt.

2. Paint your ladybirds, give them a different amount of spots on each one; you should get 1-10. You may want to give them a second layer of paint before adding their spots.  

3. Once they are dry get a cup with some PVA glue in and mix in a small amount of water. Then paint over the ladybirds, you don’t want it too wet as it might make the colours run. The glue will help make the colours stand out and guard against any chipping.

4. On your 10 flash card sized pieces of paper write the numbers 1-10.

Here are just a few ideas of maths’ based activities:

Matching the number of spots to the written number.

  • Sequencing
  • Number identification
  • Adding spots.
  • Counting the spots accurately