This is a very simple activity, but leads to hours of fun for the whole family.

My charges really enjoyed just playing around with it, pouring it into their toy kitchen saucepans, pretending it was rain falling, and even just running their hands through it. I have to admit if I had a mini rake I could have sat there happily hours making it into a mini zen garden. You can even make large quantities of the coloured rice and store it in airtight contains to use later in sensory play or in other projects.

You will need:

  • Liquid watercolours (I bought sax liquid watercolours from – expensive but they are very good and will hopefully last a while).
  • If you do not have liquid watercolours then food colouring will be just as good.
  • White rice
  • A very large container

Using a few drops at a time colour your rice, then add to a large container for the little ones to enjoy over and over again.