Gloop is one of my favourite sensory play activities for young babies and children. It can help aid development of fine motor skills and imaginative play and is so simple to make, for ordinary gloop all you need is water and corn flour, but for this version you will need:

  • 1 cup of corn flour
  • 5 tbs of coconut smelling shampoo

Mix the corn flour and shampoo together to get a smooth play dough type texture.  If it becomes too crumbly add a bit of the shampoo to your fingers and kneed it together.

Unlike ordinary gloop this type won’t go back to its liquid form when you take any pressure off it, which makes it perfect for rolling out, cutting shapes and making figures.

The coconut shampoo can easily be substituted for any other fragrance, you could also add herbs and flowers like mint or lavender to create different sensory experiences. For a recipe with a bit of glam try adding glitter or colouring. Literally the possibilities are endless.