You will need:

  • Marbling inks
  • White card
  •  Here are two different ways to make marble thank you cards.

Option 1

1. Using the marbling inks as instructed marble some of your white card.  It will take a while to dry and when it is be warned that the ink may still rub off.

2. When it is finally dry on the back of the card draw the letters in thank you. Remember you may have to draw some letters back to front so that when you use them they will be the right way round (something I forgot to do).

3. Taking another piece of card (white or coloured) fold it in half and arrange the letters on the front of it. Glue them in place when done.

Option 2

1. Again marble your card as instructed.

2. Take another piece of A4 card and fold in half to form the card, then when your marbled card is dry cut it down to size so that it fits on the front of your thank you card with a frame around the outside. Then glue it into place.

Both of these are really simple to do but make really pretty cards.