Expert / 5 September, 2023 / Christina Walter

National Eczema Week: Skincare Solutions To Know

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a chronic skin condition characterised by inflammation, itching, redness, and sometimes even oozing and crusting of the skin. A variety of factors, including genetics, environmental allergens, irritants, and immune system responses can trigger it.  The constant battle against flare-ups and the search for effective treatments can be truly frustrating, and that’s why we’ve done some research into the best eczema skincare solutions for all ages.

Best eczema skincare products to try

Most eczema skincare products consist of topical treatments designed to manage the symptoms of eczema and relieve discomfort, but it’s also worth replacing your everyday toiletries for eczema-friendly options. Bubble baths, daily moisturisers and even body washes can be responsible for flare-ups, and that’s why we love these daily-use options from Childs Farm, Bioderma and Emotopic.

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