Every season I try to do a different sun catcher, they are such a cheery craft to do, especially now that the days are getting shorter and darker. For our winter one we of course had to do one based on the nativity scene.

Although this a simple craft it does require some prep work, the results are really worth it. I have included a free download so that it cuts out part of the work for you.

You will need:

  • Nativity template
  • Black paper
  • Tissue paper – cut into small squares
  • Contact paper
  • Tape

How to: 

Print out the free download and cut it out. If you can print it out onto black paper, as it will hopefully save time.

If not, draw around your template onto black paper and cut it out. You can get three nativity scenes onto one A4 piece of paper.

Cut out some contact paper to fit the size of the cut out.

Cover the contact paper with tissue paper.


Now you can either put the cut out on top of the tissue paper, trim the sides and tape it into place (which is what we did). OR you can put the cut out on top, trim the sides and then place another piece of contact paper over the top to sandwich everything together.


Unfortunately this week I have had two very unwell charges. Normally when one of them is sick and off school all they are allowed to do is rest and watch TV, but in the afternoon if they are feeling better then I may pull out an easy craft to do, one that can easily be done on a tray while they are sitting on the sofa. This sun catcher is the perfect craft for that.

Although both EC and YC were unwell they both enjoyed doing their craft and were very happy with the results of them.