I’ve been rather obsessed with making things out of stones over the last few months, they make wonderful story stones. My first set are Nativity story stones for BB. This is the first year that he has really been aware of Christmas, so it is a great time to start telling him the story of the birth of Jesus.

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To make your own Nativity story stones you will need:

  • River stones
  • Acrylic paint or pens
  • Pencil

If you have collected your stones from a beach or river then give them a quick clean to get rid of any dirt.

I like to paint the stones with a base layer of white paint first; this helps the pictures stand out more. It also makes it easier to draw the pictures on using pens if you decide to use them instead.

Once your base layer has dried, sketch out your designs onto each stone. Mine were:

  • A star
  • Mary
  • Jesus
  • Joseph
  • A donkey
  • A lamb
  • Shepherd
  • Angel
  • Wise men
  • Bethlehem
  • A manger
  • The stable
  • Gifts
  • King Herold

I painted all the pictures on, which is time consuming. If you have pens, then I would use them instead.

nativity story stones

These nativity story stones are a nice and simply way to tell the story of the birth of Jesus.  I used them by themselves, but you can use them along side a book as well.

BB really liked the baby Jesus stone, and kept taking it out to rock him to sleep.

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Nativity story stones to help teach and tell the story of the birth of Jesus to children.