Here at MyBaba we like keep and eye on up-to-date research and researchers for the best health advice. Here’s an extract from Dr Kurt Mosetter et al’s book ‘The Sugar Detox Plan’ , giving expert recommendations on natural supplements and ingredients to add to your daily diet that can help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

  • Aloe vera reduces insulin resistance, optimises sugar absorption, takes care of the insulin receptors and lowers blood sugar. Permitted daily intake: up to 50 g (2 oz).
  • Wild garlic cleanses the liver and intestine and so eases the strain on the sugar metabolism. Permitted daily intake: up to 50 g (2 oz).
  • Bitter melon (bitter cucumber) reduces insulin secretion, increases insulin sensitivity and facilitates the absorption of sugar. Permitted daily intake: half a small fruit per day (not during pregnancy).
  • Copalchi bark protects glycogen stores in the liver, curbs endogenous luconeogenesis and reduces insulin resistance. Permitted daily intake: up to 5 g (¼ oz).
  • Galangal, a European variety of ginger, stimulates the metabolic organs, regulates the cardiovascular system and blood pressure levels and enhances our attention and cognitive capabilities. Permitted daily intake: up to 5 g (¼ oz).
  • Guar, the so-called ‘cluster bean’, ensures that blood sugar levels rise slowly. In addition only a portion of the sugar is absorbed into our circulation system. Permitted daily intake: up to 20 g (1 oz).
  • Gurmar is an Ayurvedic plant that reduces sweet cravings, lessens any possible leptin resistance, regulates insulin secretion and so lowers blood sugar levels. Permitted daily intake: up to 20 g (1 oz).
  • Ginger balances out the cardiovascular system and our blood pressure patterns, it is invigorating, has a positive impact on concentration and alertness and strengthens the immune response system. Permitted daily intake: up to 20 g (1 0z).
  • Cardamom helps to balance and economise the intestinal and liver metabolisms. In addition some of the substances in this spice help improve the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. Permitted daily intake: up to 5 g (¼ oz).
  • Coriander leaves and seeds have detoxifying properties, regulate the immune system, and care for the liver and the intestine. Permitted daily intake: up to 10 g (½ oz).
  • Cumin acts as an anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant, liver booster and detoxifying agent. Permitted daily intake: 10 g (½ oz).
  • Rocket‘s many bitter substances have a healing effect on the liver. This supports the sugar and fat metabolisms and aids the liver’s natural detoxifying activities. Permitted daily intake: up to 100 g (4 oz).
  • Cinnamon regulates blood sugar, increases the sensitivity of the insulin binding sites, reduces excessive insulin secretion and improves the economic efficiency of the sugar and energy metabolisms. Important: only use true Ceylon cinnamon (cinnamomum zeylanicum). The cheaper cassia cinnamon can damage the liver. Permitted daily intake: up to 2 g (â…› oz).

Extract taken from The Sugar Detox Plan by Dr Kurt Mosetter, Dr Wolfgang Simon, Thorsten Probost and Anna Cavelius, published by Modern Books, RRP £14.99 available at Amazon