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New Campaign #WomenWarriors with charity Wellbeing of Women and Leo Bamford

Women’s health charity Wellbeing of Women has launched a digital campaign to raise awareness for female reproductive conditions by sharing the stories of brave women who have battled obstetric and gynaecological health problems.

Titled #WomenWarriors after the strong women involved in the project, the Charity is encouraging women to post their own experiences, along with a photo of themselves and their scars, to social media with the hashtag: WomenWarriors.

The goal of the campaign is to unite women facing similar circumstances whether it be ovarian cancer, PCOS, Endometriosis or other, and to raise funds for further research into these conditions.

Leo Bamford, founder of parenting blog My Baba, suffered from two ectopic pregnancies and was left with four keyhole incisions, not to mention the mental scars.

“As women we all bear these scars, some are just buried deeper than others,” she said, “I think it’s important we discuss topics that are often seen as taboo.”

To donate £10 to Wellbeing of Women, simply text WELL44 £10 to 70070

Or visit:

Instagram: @Wellbeingofwomen 
Facebook: @WellbeingofWmen

Leo Bamford’s Story

I was so incredibly numb when this photograph was taken. I’ve always been a happy person and have never even felt a touch of depression, but in January two years ago I felt anything but happiness. I felt angry, short tempered, totally useless, and as I said before – completely numb.

A month before this image was taken I was whisked into surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy – my second ectopic. The first one was 2009 but I was lucky to go on to have two gorgeous children.

After a long gap we decided to try for another baby.  I fell pregnant quickly but like the first, I had no tell-tale ectopic symptoms. After an early scan I found out it was another ectopic. They removed the pregnancy, a fallopian tube and part of my womb. The surgeon said it was a success, but I didn’t feel very successful.

I remember not really caring about much for the weeks that followed.  My weight sunk and I could see that family and friends were worried.

This picture shows me at my weakest moment, but looking back, I realise how strong I was.

You can see four little keyhole incisions, where the surgeon left his mark. I remember showing my grandmother who thought how neat they were. She said that after various surgeries her tummy looked more like a hot cross bun.

I think that was the first thing to make me laugh, and it made me realise that actually as women we all bear these scars, some are just buried deeper than others.

My surgeon who I love for saving one of my tubes told me that if I was stupid enough to try for another baby, that I had to promise him I would have a Caesarean section.

Almost a year ago, I did tempt fate one last time, and my Atticus arrived, leaving another scar that has helped make me the now happy again woman I am today.

Wellbeing of Women

Wellbeing of Women is the only charity finding cures and treatments across the breadth of female reproductive health: pregnancy and childbirth, fertility and IVF, gynaecological cancers, and overlooked areas like endometriosis, PCOS and the menopause. With only 2.48% of publicly funded research devoted to this area, our work is vital. Nearly every routine treatment we take for granted today has come about thanks to work we funded over the last 54 years – even the use of ultrasound in pregnancy. As former Royal Surgeon-Gynaecologist Sir Marcus Setchell said: “Wellbeing of Women has been at the forefront of medical research. There will barely be a woman alive today who has not benefited from their research.”

To donate £10 to Wellbeing of Women, simply text WELL44 £10 to 70070

Photo credit: Serena Bolton

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