There are SO many cool new foodie products and services out there that have been bought to our attention this month. Check out our recommendations in this latest column.

Our highlights include Prezzy Box’s adult take on the legendary 80’s Mr Frostie machine has got to be the perfect purchase for the hot summer. We’re loving Gousto’s mail order food service too – select from a choice of delicious seasonal meals and get the ingredients sent directly to your door. Delicious! Gousto are offering our My Baba VIPs a 50% discount off their first TWO boxes so do sign up and give them a try.

Snow Cone Ice Crusher and Slush Maker, Prezzy Box

Oats, Dark Chocolate & Coconut, Nairn’s Gluten Free Biscuit Breaks

Almond Milk Spreadable Ch*ese, Nush

Veggie Waffles, Heavenly Tasty

Lasagna Al Noci, All Plants

Grand Slam’on, Itsu

Power Beets, B-Fresh

2 Bars of Joy, The Grown Up Chocolate Company

No.1 Kombucha, Sainsburys

Ombar Chocolate

Cheese and Onion Lentil Hoops and Cheesy Pea Snaps, Organix

Fruit Bites, Organix

Detox Kitchen Vegetables, Amazon

New Range of Healthy Kids’ Meals, Mini Nom Noms

Little Jude’s Chocolate Milk and Banana Milk from Ocado

Fast Paste, The Spice Tailor

Clip and Go Salad Box, Addis

Clip and Go Beaker, Addis

New Aptamil Follow On Milk, Ocado

Fruit Crisps, Nim’s

Del Monte – Healthy Squeezies Range, Asda

Food Boxes, Gousto