I was lucky enough to have a maternity nurse when my children were born, and the first thing she gave me was a little blue book. This was a diary, just for the baby, which we jotted down almost everything in – feeds, nappies, sleep, activity and general behaviour. We kept this for a good year and it was a great tool to look back on, especially when they had an upset stomach, or weren’t well. And at the beginning to remember if you were breastfeeding, which side you started or ended on, etc etc.

This gorgeous little baby feeding book by Buzzy Babies is charming, and if I ever have another, I’ll be sure to use this book. A very helpful aid, including a nifty section at the back, for weaning, presents given, doctor’s notes, and general notes. It also has a sweet little pocket on the last page.

A lovely present to give or be given.

Book open with pen edited

Back cover edited