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Which is The Best All-Terrain Stroller for Winter?

With more than one snow event predicted this winter in the UK, you might be wondering if your stroller is up to the job. Pushing your child through wind, rain and sludge, is hard work. I’ll never forget my own pregnant mother pushing our buggy through a downpour as I walked along side. The heavily loaded pushchair skidded sideways off a slippery wet pavement as my mother fell to the floor. I was horrified.

Luckily, baby products have come a long way since then. You’ll find strollers and their accessories much more reliable these days. When choosing your winter pushchair, we recommend taking the following attributes into consideration:

What to look for in a winter stroller

What you need is a buggy built for action and for comfort. Large tyres with front lockable swivel wheels, easy steering and good suspension are all obvious traits of a great winter buggy.

The ability to lock the front wheels on any pushchair is a good safety feature. It’s important to be able to manoeuvre your pram with ease in all sorts of weather. Fixing the wheels is sometimes useful in providing extra stability when navigating a difficult terrain.

Large canopy

Protect your little one from the elements with a large canopy. Look out for a buggy offering an extended canopy, these really are huge, and great for providing that much needed shelter in cold or wet and windy weather.

Rain and storm covers

Check out what comes as standard with your stroller. What accessories will you have to pay extra for? A rain and/or storm cover is essential for additional protection and shelter from the winter weather.

Shopping basket

Believe me, it’s no fun having to balance extra luggage on your handlebars or over your shoulder during a downpour. Look for a large, waterproof basket that will accommodate all of your shopping bags and anything else you might need for your winter expedition.

How accessible is your stroller’s basket? Make sure you do your research into how easily the shopping basket is to access, and consider whether that might change depending on seat position. There are times I’ve been sprawled on the floor in public, in complete panic mode, engaged in a battle with my belongings. Not a good look, and incredibly infuriating.

Introducing the Limited Edition Stokke Trailz Freedom

I’d like to introduce you to a stroller that meets all of the requirements above. The Stokke Trailz is a fantastic all-terrain stroller for winter, as well as being travel system compatible and suitable from birth. The Trailz is well worth your attention, especially with the timely launch of the stunning Stokke Limited Edition Trailz Freedom this autumn.

Perfect for exploration in all kinds of weather, the Trailz Freedom takes inspiration from the beautiful Norwegian landscape; think blustery seas, green woodlands and the unbelievable colours of the Northern Lights. As stroller’s go, this was is guaranteed to turn heads.

There’s no doubt this is a stroller built for outdoor adventure. The Stokke Trailz can be purchased online, arriving fully equipped with everything you and your little one will need for the colder months.


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Online shop & delivery

From the moment your Stokke stroller delivery arrives, you know you and your baby are in for something incredibly special. You’ll find the Limited Edition Freedom Trailz inside an easy-to-open cardboard box. Accessories inside include a newborn insert and gorgeous matching changing bag and storm cover. There’s cheerfully no unnecessary packaging to get rid of, nor lots of puzzling parts to fit together. In fact, out of all the prams and pushchairs I’ve tested, the Stokke Trailz is the most easy to unpack and assemble, without having to consult the instructions!

The Trailz Freedom is made from high quality textiles in premium, PFC-free, water repellent materials. These cause much less harm to the environment without compromising on comfort. The main fabric on this limited edition Trailz is made from 100% recycled materials.

Fun fact: this equates to a grand total of TWENTY plastic bottles!

What’s included?

Depending on your preference you can opt for air-filled tyres or puncture-free wheels. In terms of buoyancy and comfort I find air-filled tyres hard to compete with,  but it’s always worth weighing up the risk of a puncture.

The Trailz has an extended canopy which together with the storm cover makes the perfect water resistant cocoon to shield your baby from the inclement weather. The buggy’s ergonomic thermokeep inlay provides much needed insulation during winter. The inlay also provides superior ventilation, so you can rest assured your baby will sleep safe and snug inside, oblivious to the wind and rain.

The Trailz has the biggest waterproof shopping basket I’ve ever seen on a pushchair, measuring a whooping 58cm x 46cm x 22cm. The basket is super easy to access in both parent and world facing modes. I’ve always been drawn to a buggy with a decent basket as we seem to pack so much into our changing bag. Two reflux babies means you’re used to having to prepare for every eventuality, i.e. – lots of spare clothes and muslins!

A smooth ride for you and baby

The Trailz has an ergonomic adjustable handle and lockable front swivel wheels which gives you the feel of an incredibly light-weight buggy. It’s easy to manoeuvre, even on the most tricky of terrains. For such a large contender in the buggy world, the steering is light and effortless, and the ride for baby is super-smooth. The stroller glides effortlessly over thick mud, tree roots, uneven ground, and cattle grates – the list goes on. It seems nothing is a problem for the Trailz, all while baby stays snug and asleep beneath the storm cover.

Explore the world together

A lot of emphasis has been placed on comfort, with its ergonomic padded stroller seat, with inbuilt leg support. The depth adjustable baby pad means even the smallest of babies can make use of the Stokke stroller seat. It’s ideal for reflux babies that struggle to lie-flat. Unless it’s nap time, both of our babies have been much more comfortable in an upright position. It’s not often you’ll find a stroller seat compatible for the littlest ones, so this is a huge win.

Eye contact and connection between parent and child

The stroller seat is positioned high off the ground so your little one is seated at eye-level. The closeness of the seat makes outdoor adventures in parent-facing mode really special. There are three recline positions in parent facing mode: sleep rest and active. Whether it’s a simple trip to the shop, or a snow-fuelled adventure, your baby is able to engage with you and the outside world from a comfortable height and position.

For older children, world-facing mode means they can take in the sights from their protective, ergonomic and water resistant cocoon. In world facing mode, there are two recline positions: rest and active.

Buggy board

The Stokke Stroller Sibling Board is a fab investment and it’s great for children who insist on walking and then refuse to go back into the buggy. There’s nothing worse than having to carry a child and push a pram uphill through a downpour.

Compact and easy fold

Although large in size, the pushchair has a compact and easy fold. It’s hassle-free to load into your car boot, although you might want to do your calculations to ensure your car is big enough. The Trailz is both a beauty and a beast.


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