The turkey leftovers are nearly finished, the chocolates are long gone, and New Year’s Eve is fast approaching. We asked our experts, bloggers and mumpreneurs what their New Year’s resolutions are for 2013… 

Annabel Karmel – Not to work so late.

Zita West – I’m too old to make resolutions, I always break them! But, next year I have to get a better work/life balance.

Liv Lowrie, Osteopath – Every day I want to try and make a difference for the better – however small – in other people’s and my own life. 

Rosie Millen, Health Quarter – To follow the heart.

Sarah Walter, Style-Passport – I would like to get back into cycling. It’s the best way to start the day.

Mary Ashton, Resident Maternity Nurse – To be happy – somehow everything else has a way of working itself out!

Elizabeth Pantley – To live in the moment and banish needless worry.

Nina Elvin Jensen, Little Delivery – To say yes to everything!

Organic Monkey – To complete the Brighton marathon for a charity very close to my heart, The Early Birth Association. They support the parents of babies treated on our local specialist neonatal unit and raise funds for it. The unit saved my eldest sons life when he was born suffering from birth asphyxia.

Caroline Stanbury, Gift Library – To spend more time with my children.

Peter Walker, Baby Massage Expert – To stay flexible in both body and mind.

Haydn Squibb, Quinessentially – My New Years resolution is super cliché, and is to lose weight. I’ve got myself a personal trainer and am actually going to take this seriously for once! I normally give up after a week but being young still I need to be more caring to my curves!

Zainab Jagot Ahmed, Indian Baby Food – To keep my New Year’s resolution!  

Tom Barber, Original Travel – Book my family holidays further in advance. I should know better, and the earlier the better for flight and accommodation availability, so try to be organised!

Joanna Jensen, Childs Farm – Not to have one! Having spent years making rash decisions to either abstain from food or booze or both at a time when it is bottom freezingly cold out here in the sticks, and the only way to get through to the spring is by consumption of as much food and alcohol as possible, I have abandoned any thought of giving up anything. Sorry!

Jackie, Mrs Fox – Not to make resolutions, then you don’t disappoint yourself by failing.

Nina, Mrs Fox – Once again, I will be making a New Year resolution to de-clutter my home.  This is unlikely to lead to anything, but gives me an excuse to drool over the “Cabbages & Roses Guide to Natural Housekeeping”; a girl can dream can’t she!

Charlotte Pearl, Pink Lining – To be more organised! 

Annie, Angels & Urchins – I never make New Year resolutions.

Emily, Angels & Urchins – Learn French. It’s my resolution every year.

Julie, Storm in a Cupcake – Implement my own 10 minute rule: If I see something that needs to be dealt with and it will take under 10 minutes, I have to do it immediately.

Etienne Horner, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist – Definetely more time with my three children otherwise they are grown up and only know me being at work all the time. Highest on my list!

Doctor, Doctor & Daughter – To answer all Daughter’s emails promptly.

Daughter, Doctor & Daughter – To eat less YumYums or this baby will come out looking like a donut.

Deborah Medhurst, No Added Sugar – To get the work/ life balance in a better place!

Alison Scott-Wright, The Sleep Fairy – To finish writing my second book The Sensational Toddler Plan which has been in draft stage for the last two years!

Renée Elliott, Planet Organic – We’re moving back to England in January, so my resolution is ‘no stress’.

Bianca Parau, Senior Paediatric Dietician – My NY resolution is a all-in-one resolution – to drink more water. Being hydrated is good for mind, body and skin. Some days are quite busy and it is easy to forget or find time to drink water. 

Starlight Children’s Foundation – To bring smiles to many more brave children battling illness.

Louise Moxon, Cocoon UK – My New Year’s resolution is to not spend money on pointless things such as gossip magazines and daily coffees and instead put that same amount of money towards musical instrument lessons for my children. Another is to do one activity at the weekends with each of my children that doesn’t cost anything, e.g bike ride, doggie walk, trampoline, painting etc. When with my children at weekends to not check my computer/phone for emails. A lovely one I’ve heard and I think would imply to everyone is to be more patient, present and imaginative as a parent.

Brenda Hart, Cocoon UK – Not to work so hard. 

Commando Dad – To continue to work hard to support new dads as they start their own parenting adventures! My big goal for the year is to begin my own training camps for expectant and new dads: Baby Boot Camps.

Jane Clarke, Nutritionist – To ensure I stick to my target to ride twice a week and protect my contemporary ballet lesson time, because I love them both and the tranquility they instil in me!