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How To Transition Your Newborn Seamlessly Into The Fourth Trimester

No matter how much planning has taken place, your newborn’s arrival can take some getting used to, for both you and your small bundle of joy. Picture the scene: there they are, safe, snug and warm in the comfort of your womb and all of a sudden – they’re here, in the big wide world.

These early moments are precious, so naturally, as a parent whether it’s your first time or you’ve been here before, you’ll want to make sure the transition from womb to world is as perfect as it can be.

This final stage, known as the fourth trimester and just as important as the previous three, starts from the moment your baby is born until they are around twelve weeks old. During this period, you can expect your baby to gain control of their senses, physical and mental reflexes – all part of their journey as they get used to the exciting world around them.

To ease your new arrival into these early and precious few months, Red Castle has created the perfect companion to slot into your routine.

The Cocoonababy Nest was designed to give your baby the best start in life.

Originated in France by paediatric physiotherapist, Daniele Salducci in 1995, she observed the needs of babies and designed a mattress that would enable newborns to move, as they would have inside the womb. What we love about the Cocoonababy Nest is that it provides a number of benefits to help little ones gradually adjust to the first few months of their life.

Settling in

In the first few weeks, your baby will hear a range of new sounds as they settle into their new home. The innovative and ergonomic design of the Cocoonababy Nest is reminiscent of the mother’s womb, which helps to reassure baby. Your baba will lie safely in the semi-foetal position thanks to the Nest’s enveloping shape. These key features offer a place of peace and calm for your little one.

Softly does it

Adjusting to new surroundings can result in sudden movements, which may startle baby. When placed in the Cocoonababy Nest, effects of the Moro or ‘startle’ reflex are reduced because your baby’s arms and shoulders only come into contact with soft surroundings, similar to those in the womb.

Easy relief

Many babies suffer from conditions such as reflux and colic, and the first few weeks of their lives can be tough. The Cocoonababy Nest is slightly inclined to help prevent and relieve the symptoms of both, while your baby’s hips and knees remain perfectly positioned for their physical development while sleeping. When your baby is awake, the slight raise can also encourage early signs of interaction between you and your new arrival so they can get a good view of their surroundings, and not just the ceiling!

Fully supported

Carefully crafted, the combination of supportive and reactive foams in the Cocoonababy Nest allows your baby’s head to move freely and safely. This helps to reduce the risk of flat head syndrome, also known as plagiocephaly.




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Ergonomic design

That’s not all. Cocoonababy Nest has an ergonomic design that evolves as your baby grows. Each cocoon comes complete with a ‘wedge’ attached by simple Velcro fastenings. The wedge makes it easy to reposition your baby at the correct level within the nest as they grow, providing your baby with the level of comfort they deserve as their bodies develop.

The mattress is protected by two removable and breathable covers and can be washed regularly, which is really handy if your baba suffers from reflux, sheets will need to be changed, often!
“The Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest is first on my list of must-buy products for a newborn. Both of my babies suffered from severe reflux. My daughter didn’t sleep soundly for the first few weeks as a result, until we invested in a Cocoonababy Nest. It’s no exaggeration to say that this product revolutionised our lives and hers – as we all got some much-needed sleep.
When my second baby arrived last April, we’d already bought the ‘Nest which made his transition into the world much more seamless! Newborn babies can and do sleep during the day, and I found the Cocoonababy Nest made it much more easier for them to do so.” Ellie Thompson, editor, My Baba.

The Cocoonababy® Nest is available from JoJo Maman Bebe RRP: £130


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