We’re huge fans of Lil Bub here at My Baba, and if you haven’t yet met this cute little feline, consider yourself introduced. Lil Bub is a special needs cat that was rescued from a litter of feral kittens in Indonesia. Bub is an advocate for homeless and special needs pets all over the world.


Lil Bub has teamed up with Norbert, a unique registered therapy dog with a BIG heart. At just 7 inches tall, Norbert inspires others through his volunteer work as a therapy dog, and his award-winning picture book series teaches that you don’t have to be big to make a BIG difference in the world and that we all have unique gifts that can be used to serve the greater good.


Together, these little guys feature in a gorgeous keepsake picture book written by Julie Freyermuth and Mike Bridavsky, and beautifully illustrated by Virginia K Freyermuth. Bub and Norbert’s mission is to teach children to celebrate their differences and work together using their talents for the greater good.

Norbert & Lil Bub’s ‘What Can Little We Do’ book is currently being funded via Kickstarter – to make a pledge, please click here. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to animals with special needs.

I for one can’t wait to see this book on the shelves and in the hands of children all over the world. Go Lil Bub! Go Norbert!

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