There are times when I need a quick activity that I can give to BB to keep him entertained while I either finish up dinner, or try to do something with the older 2. This oil and water play activity fit perfectly into that category.

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To do this oil and water play activity you will need:

  • Oil*
  • Coloured water
  • Pipette
  • Clear cup

* I used baby oil for this as it is clear rather than cooking oil.

Fill your glass with oil and then a couple of smaller ones with coloured water.

oil and water play

Rather than using our large toddler friendly pipette, I used the ones I normally use with EC and YC. The reason behind it was, they take less up, so that BB would have less to squeeze in at once.

It is really fascinating to watch the water as it travels through the oil. I’m not sure if BB appreciated that part of it, but he certainly enjoyed playing with it.

I did think about adding fizzing tablets to it at the end to create a mini lava lamp, but I didn’t have any to hand, maybe next time.

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oil and water play in this stem activity for preschoolers and toddlers.