Make an easy switch this September and try out one of these great organic household products, formulated with naturally derived ingredients to create a healthier home.

Why switch to organic household cleaning products?

Chemical cleaning products are often made up of a variety of ingredients that can be toxic to both us, our pets and our environment. Many traditional cleaning products contain VOCs, emitting toxic gasses into the air. For example, bleach is a known irritant that’s corrosive to the skin, lungs and eyes, while ammonia, another chemical commonly found in furniture and window polishes, can cause breathing issues. There’s still so much we don’t know about the extent the damage these products can do, affecting everything from fertility to asthma, so it’s high time we ditched these dirties.

To make life easy, we’ve found a range of eco-friendly products better for your family and the environment. From washing up liquid to bathroom cleaners, feel good about making a swap or two this Organic September!

Organic household products to try now

Bentley Organic Hand Wash, Big Green Smile

Hand Wash, Green People

Greenscents Creamy Polish, Ethical Superstore

Kitchen Surface Cleaner, Bentley Organic

Counter Clean Mixed Starter Kit, Purdy & Figg

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