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Glow In The Dark Origami Ghosts

I have had a set of glow in the dark origami paper in my art cupboard for a few years now and I have finally pulled it out to make into origami ghosts for Halloween.  I made these for EC and YC and left them on their pillows for them to find when they came home from school.

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For these origami ghosts you will need:

I will try to describe the process of this as best I can.  But I often find that looking at the pictures is far easier.

origami ghosts

1. Start with the colour side of your paper facing down.

2. Then fold it corner to corner diagonally and open it up again.

3. Fold if top to bottom and side to side, then unfold it again.

4. Fold each corner point to the centre and then unfold them all.

5. and 6. Fold the top side and bottom side to the centre line.

origami ghosts

7. Take the 2 sides and fold them into the centre to form a square.

8. Fold the corners down to create 4 triangles.

9. and 10. On each side pull the top 2 corners of the triangle (that is in the centre) up and the bottom 2 ones down. You should end up with the picture in number 11.

12. Take the top left flap that you have created and fold it over to the side.

origami ghosts

13. Turn the whole thing a quarter anti-clockwise.

14. and 15. Place your finger on the inside of the top flap and fold back to create a square at the top. This part will eventually become the face of the ghost.

16. Fold the 2 side corners of this new square into the centre line.

17. To make the eyes push down on the folded line of the 2 triangles that you made in the previous step.

18. Fold up the 2 side flaps so that they are covering the eyes of the ghost.

origami ghosts

19. Fold the 2 sides of ghost back behind him.

20. Do the same for the top of the ghost.

21. Fold the tips of the 2 arms down so that they are no longer covering the ghost’s eyes.

22. Finally fold the bottom the ghost back as well.

I really hope that that made sense, or at least the pictures did.  I really love this origami ghost design.  It is really cute.

If you liked this glow in the dark origami ghost be sure to check out my 3D spider webs and ghostly sun catchers.

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Glow in the dark origami ghosts

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