I will be posting some English activities that were suggested to us by a dsylexia specialist over the next few months. At the beginning of September EC and YC were both assessed for dyslexia.  We already knew EC was dyslexic, but we wanted to check on his progress and have YC done too. Although the specialist said that she didn’t meet the criteria there are areas that we should keep an eye on. In their reports he gave us a list of things that we could do to help both of them. I have turned these suggestions into these activities for us to do during the holidays.  First up is the keyword list of other ways to say things.

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Keyword List: Other Ways to Say It

This keyword list of other ways to say things isn’t an activity but an aid to help with writing.
Sometimes when writing it is very easy to fall into the trap of using the same words over and over again. I am sure I do. This keyword list is an aid to help children find other ways to say certain words. It is a bit like a thesaurus really.
I have divided the words into three different major sections so that it is easy for them to find words that they may need.
All you need to do is download and print out your own copy. Then when ever you little ones are doing writing activities have the list near by for them to look through.

My extra Englis teacher gave me a keyword list when I was doing my GCSEs.  I actually used it all the way through A-levels and University as well. It was a really life saver at times.

Of course you can also add your own words to the list as well.

Download your copy of the keyword list here.

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Build up children's vocabulary with this collection of other words to say and use in Essay writing.