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Genius Baby Sleep Hacks Every New Parent Should Know About

All new parents will become quickly acquainted with sleep deprivation in the first few weeks and months of baby’s life. In fact, a study by health technology company Owlet Baby Care, reveals that when looking after a newborn, it’s thought that caregivers will lose more than a full month of sleep each year. (1) Owlet the company behind the revolutionary Smart Sock 2 which allow parents to track their baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels unobtrusively, while baby sleeps. Allowing parent’s to have peace of mind, and a better night’s sleep for all.

Effects of sleep deprivation 

The effects of sleep deprivation are alarming. Research reveals that almost a quarter of men confess to falling asleep at work or nodding off in the bath with one in ten snoring at the dinner table. A regular lack of sleep could also affect your relationships, with around 6/10 carers confessing to more arguments with their partners. (2)

What can be done about it? Here are our top recommendations to help you and your little one achieve a restful night’s sleep:

Tips for a dreamy night’s sleep


Even newborns need a semblance of routine, and establishing structure to their days and nights as soon as you can will make you feel much more in control. A good routine will help your baby establish his circadian rhythm, the inborn biological clock that enables them to distinguish day from night.


Many believe in the power of the swaddle when it comes to settling baby down for an undisturbed sleep. Swaddling helps baby to avoid the startle reflex, which is a key cause of unnecessary disruption. Always follow the Lullaby Trust’s tips on safer swaddling.

White noise

Did you know, the presence of white noise can increase the likelihood of a newborn to fall asleep by three times? Yup – a white noise toy can be an invaluable investment. The soothing consistency of white noise reminds your baby of the safe environment in your tummy, helping them drift off to sleep.

Putting baby to sleep

Change nappy and put baby to sleep following the ABCs of safe sleep: Placing baby Alone, on his/her Back, in his/her Crib (or other safe sleeping space).

Avoid any soft bedding including cot bumpers, loose pillows, loose blankets, stuffed toys or other soft objects in your baby’s sleeping area.

Ensure your baby has a firm mattress with tightly fitted sheet to sleep on to properly protect the head and minimise accidental suffocation. Do not put your baby to sleep on a regular bed or sofa / soft surface that isn’t specifically designed for baby.

It’s always best for baby to sleep in their own safe space, and for the first six to twelve months we recommend room-sharing with your baby.

Sleep while baby sleeps

For many parents, achieving a good night’s sleep can seem nigh-on impossible, even if baby is sleeping soundly next to them. Why? Well, for many, the old adage ‘sleep while baby sleeps’ is one step too far out of the comfort zone. With a third of parents saying their sleep is at its best when someone else is watching over the baby, it’s no wonder that many are turning to technology as a helping hand.

What is it that’s keeping parents up at night?

It’s thought that over a third of care givers experience poor quality sleep not because the baby is waking, or needs feeding, but due to worrying whether baby is breathing properly or sleeping in the right position.

We believe that key to a good night’s sleep is achieving peace of mind by knowing your baby is okay during their hours of sleep.

The Owlet Smart Sock

With revolutionary technology by Owlet Baby Care, you can quickly and unobtrusively track a sleeping baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels all without disturbing their much-needed zzz’s.

Being able to access this crucial information at any time provides you with the reassurance and confidence you need to get back to your own golden slumbers.

The soft and comfy Owlet Smart Sock is worn on your baby’s foot during their hours of sleep.

Using cutting edge ‘pulse oximetry’, the Smart Sock tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels and communicates that information via Bluetooth notifications to your smartphone. This gives parents the ability to quickly and unobtrusively check up on baby.

Edinburgh-based mother Hazel Nicol has this to say: “The Owlet Smart Sock has given us a huge comfort in the first year of our daughter’s life. As new parents, we were always checking the app to know she was okay whilst she was sleeping.

Even when she was in the same room as us in the first six months, we would check the app so we wouldn’t disturb her. We have used it consistently every night since she arrived. It really does give a peace of mind which is priceless.”

Owlet CEO, co-founder and father to three young children Kurt Workman believes the Owlet’s ability to deliver proactive insights into baby sleep and wellness provides parents with huge peace of mind, and in turn, a better night’s sleep for all. Sweet dreams! 

Retailing at £269, Owlet’s second generation Smart Sock is now available to buy NOW


(1) & (2) Survey by Owlet Baby Care


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