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I took the kids to Oxygen’s Freejumping in Acton today and I’m number one mum!  I can’t believe no one’s opened one before.  As I walked through the door I could hear screams of delight and laughter coming from hoards of children jumping inside.  It struck me as such a simple idea – what kid doesn’t like trampolining?!!!!!

Booking was super simple and took a few minutes on line, simply select your date and preferred time and you’ll see how many spaces are left.  You should arrive in good time, there’s parking right outside and don’t forget to book your pair of ‘jumping socks’ if it’s your first time which have nifty little bobbles on the bottom for grip and you get to keep them which my daughter was very excited about. It means we can come back ‘one hundred times’ she said!

After checking in we went to pop our things in a locker and put on our special socks, then to the safety briefing room – something they take very seriously.  A little video showing what one can and can’t do. Any rules broken and you’re out, they’re very serious!

When you get inside for your hour’s long jump, you’re surrounded by load of trained staff who are eager to help and don’t take any nonsense.  When the buzzer goes at the end, you’re done and if you step out of place, a whistle goes and you’re finished.

My two loved the free jump which was a long trampoline of a run up in to a giant inflatable pillow.  Of course, I had a go too.  Then there were a mix of gigantic trampolines, nets, swinging bars and balance bars.  I thought the gladiator style ballet bar where you get to fight an opponent and try to push them off in to a sea of squidgy foam was pretty cool.  Then upstairs was filled with mini trampolines all butting up to one another with extra trampolines on the side to bounce off. Simple but brilliant.  One of the teachers showed my son how to do a seated drop before I barged in to learn how to do a forward flip nearly twisting my ankle at the same time, but it was worth it – just so much fun.

We staggered out, hot and nicely exhausted ready for a drink in the cafe upstairs before changing and heading back in to reality and driving home to book our next session.

You can arrange kids’ parties, and book in especially during family time if you have little ones. It’s £12.50 a ticket, a £3 per pair of socks. 









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