I had heard about the Paddington Bear statues that were being placed around London and I was resolute that going on a search for them was something I really wanted to do with my charges. I had wanted to do the book benches that had been placed around earlier in the year, but I had forgotten about them and missed my chance. This time I was determined to remember, so when planning what crafts and activities to do for December this was down for the day after my youngest charge’s nursery had broken up.

Unfortunately both my little one and I had been awake since 5am that morning, and that coupled with her having a nasty cough was not the best mixture for a fun morning out. Thankfully we joined up with a fellow nanny and her charge and being very lazy we taxied from one part of London to another rather than catch the bus.

With our own Paddington Bear we started out at Harrods to see the one decorated by Emma Watson, but it had completely disappeared! Not the greatest start to our adventure, it did get better though. So, back into a taxi and off to the Horse Guard Parade to find another one. Hurray! Our first find. Both little ones were very eager to climb up and give Paddington and a hug and a kiss, which became our ritual for each one we found. From there we went to Westminster Abbey and walked down to Trafalgar Square where two more were found.

By the time we got to Trafalgar Square it was beginning to rain and with tired little legs, we hopped into another taxi and headed into Covent Garden to look for the one Darcey Bussell created. As a side note Covent Garden is worth visiting for all the decorations they have, including a giant Lego Father Christmas in his sleigh with his reindeer. Of course a cookie adventure would be nothing without a cookie, fortunately Covent Garden has a Ben’s Cookie, which is exactly what was needed to perk poorly little ones up. It was past 11am by now and our adventure companions had to leave for a party, so we decided to call it quits and also head home.

In totally we found 5 bears. The official website has all the information you need; you can create your own trail or use one of theirs. Despite my little one being tired and ill she really enjoyed looking out for and finding these cute statues. My only wish is that I could go out again and with both charges, maybe I will just have to go out and do it by myself. Remember the statues are only around till December 30th, so if you are looking for a cheap day out between Christmas and New Year, this would be the perfect thing to do.

Happy Hunting!