Paint scrape art is a fun process in which children can make their own pieces of abstract art. It is such an easy one to do that even little ones can get involved. BB loved painting this way. In fact he sat doing scrape painting for almost an hour!

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To do your own paint scrape art you will need:

  • Acrylic paint
  • An old card
  • Card stock

You can use ordinary paper to do this; I just find that card stock is less likely to crumple once the paint has dried.

Start by picking your colours and putting blobs of them at the top of your page. At first we started in doing it in a straight line at the top of the page. By the end we were putting the blobs of paint all over the paper. YC was very careful about which colours she chose. I think she had learnt from doing the melted crayon lanterns that too many colours can actually lead to a brown mess.

paint scrape art

Then simply use the card (I gave them an expired membership card and used gift card to paint with) to scrape the paint down the page. There is no right or wrong way to do this. It is simply fun to experiment with.

paint scrape art

I tried to create a space like one. First I scraped black paint across the paper, then added some “nebula” like colours, before finally flicking white paint across it for the stars.

paint scrape art

One of YC’s pieces

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Paint scrape art for children and toddlers.