4 or so years ago YC and I made paper plate ducks. She had been inspired by the song “6 Little Ducks That I Once Knew”. We still actually have the ducks pinned to the massive board in the playroom! Now all these years later I was inspired to some more paper plate animals from BB’s favourite nursery rhyme “5 Little Monkeys”. This is not the 5 little monkeys that are jumping on a bed, but rather the song about 5 little monkeys who tease Mr Crocodile. If you don’t know it, it goes:

5 little monkeys swinging from a tree,
Teasing Mr Crocodile “You can’t catch me! You can’t catch me!”
Along came Mr Crocodile as quietly as can be,
And snapped that monkey right out of that tree.

It’s a bit macabre, but BB, and I, love it.

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To make these Paper Plate Animals you will need:

  • Paper plates
  • Paints/crayons/pens
  • Spare paper
  • Split pin
  • Tape
  • Scissors

Monkey Paper Plate

Colour the whole of the monkey in.

Next draw on the monkey’s face.

On a separate piece of paper cut out some ears and colour them in. Position them so that they are sticking out from behind the plate and tape them down.

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Monkey Paper Plate

Crocodile Paper Plate

paper plate animals

Cut the paper plate in half and paint it green.

While the paint is drying cut out some teeth and tape them to the back of the plate. I did originally glue them into place, but BB pulled them off within a few moments of having the completed crocodile.

Draw on an eye.

Finally use the split pin to connect the two halves so that it will open and shut.

Paper Plate Animals

BB acting out Mr. Crocodile on my leg!

Although BB didn’t help much in making the paper plate animals, he does love playing with them.

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Crocodile Paper Plate