I did make, many years ago, some rainbow paper plates with EC and YC. For those ones we painted the plates and stuck ribbons on to them. This time BB and I made our paper plate rainbow slightly differently.

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You will need:

  •  Paper plate
  • Cotton wool
  •  PVA glue
  •  String
  •  Hole punch
  •  Pasta
  •  Food colouring

Before you start you will need to dye your pasta shapes the colours of the rainbow. As I only did 5 bits of pasta for each colour I painted them with the food dye. If you are dying a big batch of pasta, the easiest way to do that is by putting the pasta in a bag with some dye and shaking it. When the pasta is all dyed place it on a tray and leave it to dry.

Cut your paper plate in half then put 6 holes along the bottom for the string to go through.

paper plate rainbow

We started out by threading the pasta onto the string. I securely attached the first one on for BB then let him thread the rest. He enjoyed this part the most and was quite disappointed when we finished all of them. He kept pointing at them and signing more.

paper plate rainbow

Next cover the paper plate with glue and stick the cotton wool on. BB like spreading the glue, but wasn’t overly keen on sticking the cotton wool to it. Whenever I gave it to him he pulled at it, then chucked it away!

Finally tie the strings of pasta onto the paper plate.

This paper plate rainbow craft is a really good one to help develop those fine motor skills and hand to eye coordination through the threading.

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paper plate rainbow craft for kids. Great for fine motor skills.

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