It was about 6 years ago that I made snow globes with EC and YC, now all these years later I am making it with BB. Well, not a typical snow globe, a paper plate snow globe. I think that BB would probably end up smashing a real one at the moment. Maybe next year we will do a glass one.

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To make your own paper plate snow globe you will need:

  • Paper plates
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Pens
  • Fake snow
  • Tape
  • Stapler
  • Plastic wallets

paper plate snow globe

In the middle of one of the paper plates draw and colour in your design. BB wanted a snowman, YC drew Father Christmas with a sleigh and reindeer, and I drew a gingerbread house.

Cut out the middle of the second paper plate.

Draw a circle on a plastic wallet that is slightly bigger than the hole in your second paper plate. We have tons of plastic wallets lying around at work, but if you don’t have any then cling film would work too.

Place your plastic circle over your hole and tape it down.

Cover your first plate with fake snow or glitter. We used snow balls that I got from Hobby Craft a few years ago.

Place your second paper plate over the top of the first one and staple it into place. You may also want to go around the edges with tape to make sure any finer fake snow/glitter doesn’t come out.

paper plate snow globe

YC’s and BB’s finished ones.

We did this craft in about 20 minutes we had spare before supper. I think they turned out really nicely. Plus BB can shake these up as much as he likes and I don’t have to worry about him dropping, or throwing it.

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Paper plate snow globe craft for kids.

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