Let’s face it, this Easter holidays has been a bit of a wash out weather wise. I was lucky enough to get away for a week to Florida, but it was such a shock to come back to such dismal, grey weather. If there has been any time that we needed a craft to help bring some colour into the house, this was it. We also had a couple of guests staying with us this week who are about to embark on a long trip around South America, so keeping in that Amazon theme we made paper plate toucans.

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You will need:

paper plate toucan

For each paper plate toucan you will need 1 1/2 plates. Begin by cutting the first plate in half. One half will make the body and the other half the beak. Glue the part that will be the beak onto the top of the body. To make the tail cut a part, cut on a tail shape from another half of a paper plate. Glue this one to the bottom of the body. If you find that it doesn’t stick well use a stapler at the end.

paper plate toucan

Before we started painting YC and I had a quick look at some pictures of different types of toucans for inspiration. YC,in the end, used her imagination and came up with a beautifully coloured one.

Once our paper plate toucans were all dried we hung them up in the playroom.

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paper plate toucan craft for kids