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Parental Control, Ep 20: Where Do Babies Come From, Mum?

Amy Forbes-Robertson is co-founder of It Happens Education, the organisation set up to provide educational workshops on relationships and sex education.

They work with a range of ages and stages across the UK. Whether it’s puberty or pornography, sexting or STIs, contraception or consent, festivals or freshers week you’re worried about, It Happens Education is a great place to start. I listened to Amy at a sex and relationship seminar last year and immediately asked her to come on the podcast.  She made the whole subject matter of sex education so easy and unembarrassing and I read her book cover to cover the day it landed on my desk.  This is a must-read book for any parent.


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Amy Forbes Robertson, co-founder of It Happens Education

Over the last 15 years, Amy Forbes-Robertson (BA, MPhil, PGCE, QTS) has worked in Education. During this time, Amy has interacted with young people and their parents, carers and teachers; as a volunteer, a project leader, a community outreach worker, in youth work, as a school governor and as a secondary-school classroom teacher (KS3 & KS4).

Amy is also responsible for running the Beacons Project at The Hay Literature Festival. Furthermore, Amy has worked as an accredited trainer for Cambridge Assessment International Examinations delivering teacher training both in the UK and abroad.

Working alongside Alex Fryer, (formerly www.alexandrafryer.com), a nurse and medical practitioner. They have formed www.ithappens.education. Alex and Amy deliver gentle and age-appropriate messages about Relationships, Sex & Health Education (RSHE). Moreover, they provide friendly and accurate information answering the many questions young people have about bodies, babies, birth, puberty, body image, confidentiality, masturbation, pornography, pleasure, sexting, delaying the onset of sexual activity, healthy relationships, LGBTQ+ issues, consent, STIS, contraception, festivals, gap years and university. They pride themselves on honesty and a good sense of humour, and their ‘straight-talking’ has been well received by over 200 schools. They now have 4 speakers delivering their work in schools across the whole country. Amy is increasingly being asked to speak at educational conferences and the teacher-training element of the business is blossoming as Statutory RSE approaches.


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It Happens Education LLP also worked closely with ‘The Sex Education Forum’ on their 2019 ‘Countdown to Statutory RSE Conference’, as well as contributing to current research projects gleaning student opinions on Relationships and Sex Education. More recently, Alex and Amy have been carrying out advisory and consultancy work in television & media exploring the history of Sex Education in society with Spelthorne Community TV. 3 of these programmes; ‘Let’s talk about Sex’, were shown on Channel 4 early in 2019 and were very well-received. Currently ‘It Happens’ is developing a strong connection with some of the big names in UK Events & Festivals and using their platform to increase knowledge and information around the party-scene so that young people are more informed and able to understand the sex/substances and ‘harm-reduction’ conversation.

Through her years of experience, Amy intrinsically understands the lives of children and teenagers lives. She has been closely involved in pastoral care and safeguarding issues and is familiar with the challenges that young people face as they experiment with their own identity, friendships and relationships.

Amy supports the view that providing young people with good information is vital. She believes that talking honestly about bodies, relationships, sex and their recreational lives is essential. Only then can we enable young people to feel more confident, make more-informed and safer choice…

Show notes:

Amy’s recommended reading list:


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