My Baba founder Leonora Bamford welcomes parent coach Katherine Sellery, the founder of the Conscious Parenting Revolution to Parental Control.

“We had such a fun time recording this month’s podcast and I could honestly have spoken to Katherine for the whole day. We talked about so many issues but in particular children’s self-esteem and how to help them listen to themselves and their feelings. We talked about anxiety which is so apt at the moment. I really hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I enjoyed recording it.” – Leonora Bamford.


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About Katherine Sellery

Katherine Sellery is the founder of the Conscious Parenting Revolution. Katherine has coached thousands of parents over the past 20 years, and last autumn, was invited to put together three TED talks on parenting. During the summer of 2019, Katherine organised a mental fitness summit in Colorado with two US Presidential candidates, Executive Director of the UN, head of the WHO at the UN. It culminated in the largest live meditation in US history to address the mental health crisis and how to manage minds!

Katherine Sellery has an online 90 Day Parenting Reset Program to position parents to the front side of their parenting. You can access her free webinar on the 3 Common Mistakes Parents Make and How to Reverse Them on her website here.


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