Editor Ellie Thompson is joined by Kate Davies, research, policy and information director from Tommy’s. Kate joins the show to explain why women in the UK are being let down when it comes to a lack of support after miscarriage.

Did you know, miscarriage doubles risk of depression and quadruples risk of suicide? We explore the stats as well as some shocking research findings when it comes to miscarriage in the UK. We discuss everything from research into why black women are 40% more likely to miscarry, to why women who have had previous losses are more likely to experience complications in the future.


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Tommy’s miscarriage campaign

Parents shouldn’t have to lose 3 babies before getting support. Help Tommy’s reach their goal by signing Tommy’s miscarriage petition here.

  • Support should be available after every miscarriage, not just after 3.
  • Mental health support should be provided where necessary
  • An end to the postcode lottery: tests and treatments must be standardised across the UK.
  • Higher-risk women must get better care from the start.
  • All miscarriages must be recorded, so we understand the scale of the problem.

About Tommys

Tommy’s is the largest UK pregnancy and baby loss charity, funding research into stillbirth, premature birth and miscarriage.

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