After receiving Ciara Attwell’s latest book “My Fussy Eater“, I have become absolutely obsessed with her recipes and really enjoyed recording this inspirational podcast with her. I use her book at least twice a week as a reference and the children absolutely love her food.

Ciara is an award-winning food blogger and is also the author of “We’re Hungry“.  She also has an amazing app, Fantastic Plates for Fussy Easters and an absolutely brilliant Facebook community helping worried parents feed their fussy eaters. We talk through her top tips for feeding fussy eaters, her fail-safe go-to meals and how to save time and money when it comes to food shopping and cooking.


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About Ciara Attwell

Ciara is an award-winning food blogger and author of the wonderful cookbook, ‘We’re Hungry!’, which is all about simplifying mealtimes and revitalising batch cooking to fit the modern family.

Ciara’s blog ‘My Fussy Eater’ is one of the leading family food blogs in the UK, specialising in creating meals that cater for the whole family and finding new ways to make food fun and interesting for kids.’

Ciara has worked with Kenwood, Braun and Tesco, and is a brand consultant and children’s food expert, featuring in the Daily Mail and Telegraph and on Channel 5 News and Woman’s Hour.

Ciara launched the My Fussy Eater app and Pick Plates, designed to help fussy eater’s food habits. Ciara regularly speaks on panels and talks about her work, including with The Baby Show and Mothercare.


Ciara’s books on fussy eating:

My Fussy Eater, Ciara Attwell

We’re Hungry, Ciara Attwell

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