Podcast / 27 October, 2021 / Ellie Thompson

Parental Control, Ep 41: How To Deal With Anxiety And Stress For The Whole Family

James Hymers is a Fast Change therapist using the latest revolutionary therapies to bring about fast, lasting change for his clients. James uses fast change therapy to delete the emotional content of memories, which is completely fascinating. Most of the people that James helps only need two sessions of therapy to become free of lifelong problems. Leonora welcomes him to the podcast to talk about everything from anxiety and stress to mental health and letting go of old fears and traumas.

He explains why sleep, creativity, exercise and diet are so important to us all and why we should all spend less time on devices. We only get one shot! We hope you enjoy!


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About James Hymers

James is a Fast Change Therapist passionate about helping people feel better. James is certified in the latest revolutionary therapies including The Havening Techniques®, Neurolinguistic programming, Psy-Tap. Brain Working Recursive Therapy, Belief Change. Oldpain2go and reflective patterning.

James believes that by seamlessly blending these therapies, one can create a profound change in their quality of life. Even behaviours that have been around for decades can be changed for good! James helps his patients with everything from anxiety, depression, addiction, phobias, fear of flying, P.T.S.D. unhelpful feelings, panic attacks, unwanted habits, physical complaints, grief and more.

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James helps hundreds of clients each year get back to their best, and by using the latest breakthroughs in therapy, endless weekly sessions are no longer needed. James finds tailor-made solutions and coaching services to remove the negative, increase the positive and boost the potential of his patients.

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