My Baba’s Editor Ellie Thompson welcomes life coach and boundary expert Michelle Elman to the show to talk about making new mum friends at the school gate. Ellie quizzes Michelle on what it is about the school run so many mums find terrifying, when to ignore, and when to say ‘no’, and how to find peace outside of the cliques.

Michelle discusses whether we should be tolerating jealousy in any of our friendships, as well as her thoughts on friendship break-ups, and why they are just as important as relationship break-ups. Are you wondering when is it time to say ‘goodbye’ to a friendship? We find out.


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About Michelle Elman

Michelle Elman is a life coach, boundaries expert and author of ‘Am I Ugly’ & ‘The Joy of Being Selfish’.  Best known for her powerful campaign ‘Scarred Not Scared’, Michelle is a five-board accredited life coach who delivers honesty with a huge dose of compassion. Named in The Sun’s top 50 most inspirational women in the UK 2020, Michelle is the go-to voice in setting boundaries and sticking to them.

Michelle’s latest books can be found here: Am I Ugly and The Joy Of Being Selfish.

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