To commemorate Children’s Mental Health Week, My Baba’s Editor Ellie Thompson welcomes shyness expert Nadia Finer to the show to talk about shy children. Nadia explains the science behind being shy, how it can affect mental health, and what we can be doing to help our shy children so they can gain confidence from a young age.

We explore whether shyness is a simple personality trait or something that’s borne out of circumstance. Nadia shares advice on how you can help your shy child make friends and feel braver and more comfortable in their own skin.


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About Nadia Finer

Shyness expert Nadia Finer is the founder of the Shy and Mighty podcast and website, which aims to give shy people a voice. Nadia is also the founder of the Mighty Mob, an online program designed to help shy kids feel braver, and more able to speak up and join in. Nadia’s on a mission to give all shy people the support and resources they need to step out of the shadows. Her goal is to raise awareness of being shy among teachers and managers, so they can understand and empower every shy person they work with.

If you’re struggling with your shyness, worried about your kids, or you’d like to chat to Nadia about speaking requests or school programs, click here to drop her a line here.

Nadia’s new book Shy & Mighty is published by DK and is out in April in all good bookshops and Amazon.


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