We welcome to the show Emma Bianco, founder of eco kids’ brand Pure Earth Collection.

We ask Emma’s advice on how to create the perfect (non-toxic) nursery, the products to invest in, and the ones to avoid. We discuss a list of common kids’ clothes, bedding, products and toys responsible for causing harmful indoor air pollution and what alternatives we can be investing in.

Emma tells us everything we need to know about microplastics, where they can be found in our children’s bedrooms, and the steps we can take to make our children’s environment a safer place. We discuss the importance of her #PlasticFreeBaby campaign and she shares her top five easy switches we as parents can make to detox our homes.


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About Emma Bianco

Emma Bianco is the Founder of multi-award-winning eco kids brand Pure Earth Collection. She has spent the last five years researching the materials used to make conventional children’s products and the effects they are having on human health.

Emma is passionate about helping to protect the health of babies and the planet. She helps to spread awareness about environmental toxins in our everyday lives as well as suggesting simple swaps we can all make around our homes to minimise exposure for our kids.



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