Leonora had a super quick catch-up with the incredible professional skin therapist Jeanie Cordy Simpson. The main item on the agenda was tween and teen skincare.

Leo was amazed to hear that when it comes to skin, children as young as 8-10 are considered teens in the skin world. We talked about when to start a proper skincare routine and how to do it. We discussed which products to invest in, the right SPF as well as every common skin complaint experienced in adolescence. We even talked about what to do when a monster spot erupts! This is a must school run listen.


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Show Notes:

About Jeanie Cordy-Simpson

Jeanie Cordy-Simpson is a professional skin therapist and is the CEO of Jeanie Scott Skin Studio. At Jeanie Scott Skin Studio they use a varied and customised approach to achieve and maintain optimum skin health.

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