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Parental Control, Ep 64: Miriam Cooper’s Top Children Nutrition Tips

Leonora welcomes Miriam Cooper from Mimi’s Bowl to the show to discuss children’s nutrition and her tips on cooking for the whole family.

“Miriam is my absolute go-to for family cooking and children’s nutrition. I don’t think there is one thing on her whole website that the children haven’t loved and I think it is an absolute must for any parent. I’m just waiting for a book now! We talked about everything from apple cider vinegar and no-cook fruit purees to fussy eaters and delicious and nutritious snacks.” Leo Bamford.


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About Miriam Cooper

Miriam is the founder of Mimi’s Bowl. She cooks modern baby and toddler recipes from her home in West London. She is mum to her little girl and son, now 7 and 4 years old. Miriam blogs and posts daily about what they eat at home.

Sharing her honest experiences of children’s nutrition, cooking for her family, and offering parent cooking hacks and recipes. Her mission is to end the anxiety about answering what’s for dinner tonight, with easy and healthy family recipes.

Show notes

  1. Le Creuset Stainless Steel Rectangular Roasting Tin

This is an investment, but it’s the best roasting tray I have tried. Perfect for roasts and tray bakes it makes one tray cooking easy this Summer

  1. Daylesford Double Rectangular Bento Box

This is the second summer I am using these adorable bento boxes for kids’ snacks and lunches on the go. They are brilliant for picnics too, in my opinion, food always tastes better outdoors. So let’s take advantage of the Summer months and spend more time eating al fresco. I always find it’s a great way to bring some fun and adventure to meal times with my own kids.

  1. Blafre Stainless Steel Drinking Flasks

I am not usually without them for both the kids and me. These are our go-to water bottles at home, they have lasted brilliantly and the stainless steel bottle keeps drinks cool.  You buy the bottle end separately and there are plenty of colours to choose from.

  1. Sophie Conran’s Cream Floret Tableware

My current obsession is Sophie Conran’s floret collection. The beautiful bowls come in different sizes and I have filled my kitchen with them: for lemons, tomatoes and onions. I love to have ingredients to hand to inspire my cooking.

  1. David Mellor’s Porcelain Children’s Tableware 

A recent buy, but I love this classic design from 1975 it’s timeless. I have a drawer of kids’ plates and bowls and these sets are really useful and well-loved.

  1. Wean Green Storage Cubes

The best storage containers I have tried, I especially like these mini cubes. They were fantastic when I was weaning my children, but I have used them ever since. For leftovers and odds and ends that you want to turn into snacks, they are brilliant. The containers themselves are glass, I bought mine on Amazon and they have just lasted brilliantly.

  1. Papier’s Recipe Books 

It is always a good time to start a family cookbook, writing down all of your favourite recipes. I love the designs from Papier, their hardback notebooks are beautifully made. I am in process of cooking through all my mother’s recipes, she sadly passed away in 2021. Cooking the recipes of my childhood helps me feel closer to her and process my grief. I hope to write them down for my children and pass on the story of our family through food.

  1. Kitchen Aid Muffin Tray

Found my muffin tray in stock and it is a simple one but I prefer the aluminised steel finish to others. This is brilliant for baking, but you can also turn it into a sharing tray for children and it will double up as the perfect snack tray!

  1. If You Care Unbleached Parchment Baking Roll

I cook with these baking sheets almost every day and they save a mountain of washing up. For me, they are one of my kitchen must-haves.

  1. Rukmini Iyer’s brilliant Roasting Tin Series 

Such a clever concept and beautifully written, with delicious combinations. Rukmini will give you plenty of inspiration for one tray family cooking of which I am a huge fan.


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