My Baba’s Editor Ellie Thompson welcomes Emma Armstrong aka The Naked Doula to the show to discuss the role of the doula throughout pregnancy and birth. Ellie quizzes Emma on a wide range of topics, including her top tips for labour and what to look for when choosing a doula. Emma shares her thoughts on reality TV show One Born Every Minute, the influence of social media on birth and the danger of the scroll. She talks about the importance of preparation, and how to make an informed choice about the birth you want to have.


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About The Naked Doula

Birth influencer, qualified hypnobirthing coach and educator Emma Armstrong is the founder of The Naked Doula, providing evidence-based, bite-size tips and information for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Emma is on a mission to revolutionise birth, offering a refreshing approach to pregnancy, labour and postpartum. Through fun and informative illustrations, Emma brings a new and rather colourful dimension to birth plans and beyond.

Founder of “The EVE App” & “The Visual HypnoBirth Course” and creator of her bestselling Flashcards, Emma shares easy ways for pregnancy to be understood, as well as presenting solutions to every problem, capable of changing the way you see birth and making your journey a unique experience.

The Naked Doula has multiple meanings: ‘Naked’ suggests realness, rawness and transparency, with all her work supported by her naked cartoon illustrations.  ‘Doula’ means signposting to evidence-based information whilst providing emotional and practical support.

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