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Parental Control, Ep 80: Does My Child Have ADHD? Signs, Symptoms And How To Get Help

Does my child have ADHD? My Baba’s editor Ellie Thompson welcomes managing director and lead therapist of Headstuff ADHD Therapy, Sarah Templeton, to the show to discuss spotting the signs and symptoms of ADHD in young children. Sarah explains the three different types of ADHD, typical ADHD behaviours, how to cope and when to do something about it. They discuss the role of schools and the NHS, and how both could be doing more to get children the help they need.

Does my child have ADHD?

Sarah talks about her own background and experience with ADHD, and explains why her new book, How NOT To Murder Your ADHD Kid is the new must-have manual for any parents of kids with ADHD.


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About Sarah Templeton

Sarah Templeton is a passionate advocate for adolescents and adults with either unrecognised or late-diagnosed ADHD.

She is the managing director and lead therapist of Headstuff ADHD Therapy – the biggest team of ADHD-diagnosed counsellors in the UK – and CEO of Headstuff ADHD Liberty, the cause passionate about keeping ADHD kids (and adults) free from drugs, addiction and out of prison.

During decades of working with the homeless, addicts, serving and ex-offenders Sarah understands the negative impact of undiagnosed and untreated ADHD. Sarah is an accredited ADHD counsellor, coach and CBT therapist. She is also a member of APPG for ADHD at The Houses of Parliament and campaigner for ADHD screening in police stations, young offender units & prisons.

Show notes

How NOT to Murder Your ADHD Kid, Sarah Templeton.


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