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Parental Control, Ep 86: Why Women Over 40 Can’t Lose Weight

My Baba’s editor Ellie Thompson welcomes over 40’s women’s personal trainer Gabrielle O’Hare to the show to discuss the launch of her new book Why Women Over 40 Can’t Lose Weight. We discuss everything from the role of hormones, stress and the family work-life juggle and Gabrielle talks through some simple strategies for tackling health and fitness over 40.


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Gabrielle O’Hare, Why Women Over 40 Can’t Lose Weight

A month before lockdown began, Gabrielle was fired from a demanding, stressful job the same day she asked her manager for support after being told her beloved father had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. At 48, with no job and feeling like her life was being pulled from under her, she decided to fulfill a decade-long ambition and retrain as a personal trainer.

Over the years, she’d struggled with her weight and powerful food cravings, and as she got into her late 40s, she suffered from regular injuries that prevented her from progressing with her fitness. Getting fitter and healthier at 48 was much harder than she’d expected. She couldn’t find any advice for women in her situation, so she decided to re-train as a PT, hoping it would give her the answers she’d been looking for.

When lockdown ended and gyms finally reopened, she was inundated with clients who were in a similar position, struggling with their weight yet unable to stick to a diet. In the privacy of her garden gym, they shared their experiences with her. They didn’t want killer physiques, they just wanted to regain control of their bodies and feel confident in their skin, but they struggled to change their eating habits.

Before long, she noticed a pattern emerging; the same blockers were getting in the way of all her clients, and the concept for the book was born.

Gabrielle’s own motivation comes from her goal to stay active and strong so she can embark on adventures with her partner when her daughter grows up. Now 51, diet, sleep, exercise and stress management have become non-negotiable priorities to give her constant, stable energy and the ability to concentrate and think clearly. She continues to train clients in her garden gym and coaches women online who need accountability to improve their lifestyles.

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