Kids / 13 July, 2023 / Ellie Thompson

Parental Control, Ep 89: Daisy Upton AKA Five Minute Mum On Back To School Anxiety

Ellie Thompson welcomes best-selling author and Insta sensation Daisy Upton, aka Five Minute Mum, to discuss the launch of her new book Starting School and to share expert advice on how to make learning fun at home. Daisy’s been putting her teaching assistant skills to good use – not just on her Insta account, where you’ll find loads of brilliant games and activities – but within her latest book, which aims to help get our kids excited about starting school.

Daisy also shares advice on when and how we should start preparing our children for starting school, together with tips for anxious kids and parents ahead of this huge milestone.


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About Daisy Upton, Five Minute Mum

Once upon a time, Daisy Upton was a Teaching Assistant working in schools, where she drank hot cups of tea. But when she had her own children, she found she never quite managed to drink a brew while it was still remotely warm. She started putting her TA skills to good use and coming up with five-minute games, not only to support her children’s learning but to buy her time for that cuppa. She shared those games online and found that quite a few other people wanted to join in too.

Daisy now has a large social media following, a website, four books, and a bestseller. Daisy likes to celebrate this fact by eating large quantities of chocolate oranges and creme eggs (season dependent) and dancing in the kitchen.

Show notes

Preorder Daisy Upton’s book Starting School at Penguin, Amazon or Waterstones.

Daisy’s website:

Follow Daisy on Instagram: @fiveminutemum


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