Parenting / 10 October, 2023 / Ellie Thompson

Parental Control, Ep 95: Decoding Early Childhood Behaviour: Tantrums Or Mental Health Concerns?

Joining Ellie Thompson on the show today is the fantastic Dr. Holly Symons, a licensed clinical psychologist and the brilliant mind behind Together, they dive deep into a crucial subject: mental health in infant school-age children. From the significance of emotional intelligence in parenting to addressing issues like depression, learning differences, self-harm, and body image, they cover it all.

Mental health in infant school-age children

Holly shares her expert knowledge on how parents can effectively respond to negative thoughts and behaviours both in the moment and over time. Prepare to be enlightened as she imparts invaluable tips and strategies for nurturing our children’s self-esteem, resilience, and overall happiness.


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About Dr. Holly Symons

Dr. Holly Symons is a licensed clinical psychologist in London, IVF mama, and founder of She is passionate about helping families raise happy, healthy, emotionally intelligent generations.

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